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Student Resources

The Office of Student Affairs assist students in all matters pertaining to student life. The staff is always available to speak with individuals or student groups. Information pertaining to admissions, program orientation, graduation, career services, student development and leadership, healthcare services, parking and student activities is provided for all students.

Academic Advising
Academic advising is available for all nursing students. To make an appointment for academic advising, please contact the Office of Student Affairs. An academic advisor can assist a student with general information about the program, curriculum, rules and procedures within the college. In addition, advisors can help students with class registration, academic learning resources, student services and counseling.

Career Day
The Office of Student Affairs holds an annual Career Day each January for all graduating seniors. Local and regional employers from major hospitals and health care networks are invited to attend and recruit our highly qualified and sought after students. Additionally, workshops and seminars on resume writing and interviewing skills are held throughout the day. The Office of Student Affairs also provides sample resumes, cover letters and job searching information for students.

Disability Services
Students who wish to request reasonable accommodations are encouraged to contact the Department of Disability Services for documentation and determining eligibility for services prior to the start of the program. While this process can be started at any time, reasonable accommodations may not be implemented retroactively so being timely in requesting your accommodations is very important.  In order to assure approved services the first week of class, students should contact the Department of Disability Services 45 – 60 days prior to the beginning of the semester in which services will be requested. To learn more about disability services, visit their website.

For additional information or assistance, contact Kathryn Cochran, Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Health Services
Bryan campus students who have paid the Student Health Services fee are eligible to receive services at the A.P. Beutel Student Health Services located on the Texas A&M University campus. Student Health Services is an accredited ambulatory health care provider serving students by providing primary health care services and promoting health through prevention and education. Visits to medical care providers, ambulance transport service on campus and consultation with contracted medical specialists or health educators are available at a reduced cost. Learn more about student health services.

Students located in Round Rock will not be assessed the Student health Services fee, and thus are not eligible to utilize these services. They are encouraged to access needed services through local healthcare providers.


The Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Nursing does not offer or directly coordinate student housing. However, applicants in search of housing are encouraged to contact the Texas A&M University Office of Student Life Programs, who will provide resources for finding housing in the Bryan/College Station community. Learn more about student housing.

Library Resources
Resources and services are available to students through the Texas A&M University Library system which includes the Sterling C. Evans Library, the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, the West Campus Library, the Policy Sciences and Economics Library, and the Medical Sciences Library. Learn more about available libraries.

Personal Counseling
Programs for academic success as well as personal counseling and crisis intervention are available through the Texas A&M University Student Counseling Service (SCS) for students located in Bryan/College Station. The SCS provides short-term counseling and crisis intervention services. They also provide individual, group and couples counseling for personal concerns that are common among students. Visit the SCS website for more information.

Students on the Round Rock campus may utilize a variety of services offered through the University of Texas Student Assistance Program. Learn more about Round Rock counseling services.

Recreation Center
Students in Bryan/College Station can utilize the Texas A&M University Recreation Center located on the main campus of Texas A&M University. Whether you are interested in aerobics or body building, swimming or volleyball, rock climbing or simply running, you will find it all at the Student Recreation Center. Learn more about the recreation center.

Students on the Round Rock campus will not be assessed the Recreation Center fee; therefore, they are not eligible to utilize the Recreation Center. Students are encouraged to utilize local facilities to promote health and well-being.

Sports Pass/Ticket Options
All students will be given the option of purchasing a ticket package to Texas A&M University sporting events. This option will be available during fall registration and, if requested, cost of the tickets will be added to the tuition and fee statement. Students must have a Texas A&M University identification card to use a sports pass, which can be obtained at the General Services Complex building located on Agronomy Road. Learn more about the student sports pass by visiting their website.

Student Organizations

Each student is encouraged to actively participate in professional organizations to enhance the educational experience, to further develop personal growth and professional identity as well as to facilitate communication and camaraderie among fellow students. Learn more about student organizations.

Study Helps

The College of Nursing provides a variety of resources for all students to assist them with study skills. Students have access to study plans, skills videos and remediation materials through various resources provided within the college which allow them to review content as they progress throughout the program. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their course coordinators when in need of academic assistance. In addition, the College of Nursing has a designated faculty member available to work one-on-one with at-risk students.

Programs for academic success are available through the Texas A&M University Academic Success Center for Bryan/College Station based students. Services include individual and group counseling assessment of study behaviors, screening for learning disabilities, an extensive collection of self-help resources and weekly workshops on a variety of study skills topics. Learn more about programs for academic success.

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