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Center of Excellence in Forensic Nursing

Established to support people who experience violence across the lifespan, the Texas A&M Center of Excellence in Forensic Nursing facilitates interprofessional collaborations to offer unsurpassed research and training opportunities by providing forensic nursing education and outreach for nurses, other medical professionals, law enforcement, attorneys, social workers and advocates.

What is Forensic Nursing? 

Victims of violence - those that endure sexual assault, intimate partner violence, neglect or any other form of intentional injury - deserve and require patient-centered, trauma-informed care. Forensic nurses are professionally trained to treat these victims as patients, keeping them and all they have endured at the center of that treatment. 




In an unprecedented, joint effort with the Office of the Texas Attorney General, faculty with specialized training and education in forensic nursing at Texas A&M College of Nursing formalized updates to the Texas Evidence Collection Protocol (TXECP). This document serves as the standardized guide for physicians, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, nurses, sexual assault nurse examiners and fellow health care professionals to use in their mission to provide trauma-informed, evidence-based and patient-centered care across the entire state of Texas. Learn more about the TXECP with our webinars.

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