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Sharon A. Wilkerson, PhD, RN, CNE

Sharon A. Wilkerson, PhD, RN, CNE

Dean and Professor Emeritus

College of Nursing
1359 TAMU
8447 Riverside Pkwy
Bryan, TX   77807-1359

Phone: 979-436-0137
Fax: 979-436-0098

Education and Training

Doctor of Philosophy, Wayne State University

Master of Science, Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science, Nursing, University of Hawaii

Bachelor of Science, Psychology, University of Houston



  • Texas A&M University Distinguished Achievement Award for Administration, 2016
  • Texas A&M University Fish Camp Namesake, 2015
  • Sigma Theta Tau, International Nursing Honor Society,
  • Pi Lambda Theta, National Education Honor Society, Sigma Theta Tau, International; Alpha Chapter Outstanding Educator Award
  • Outstanding Sophomore Teacher, School of Nursing, Purdue University
  • Sigma Theta Tau, International: Delta Omicron Chapter Excellence in Leadership, Outstanding Freshman Teacher, School of Nursing, Purdue University,
  • Murphy Teaching Award nominee, School of Nursing, Purdue University Certified Nurse Educator
  • Academy of Nurse Education Fellow

Research Interests

  • Enhancing Nursing Education
  • Improving Patient Outcomes
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Developmental Care in NICU

National Service

  • American Academy of Colleges of Nursing (Baccalaurate Program committee 2010-2011, chair, 2012, elected nominating committee, 2012-2013)
  • American Nurse Today, the official publication of the American Nurses Association Reviewer STTI Research Reviewer
  • Abstract Reviewer  Southern Nursing Research Society
  • HRSA Reviewer Sections: Emergency Medical Services for Children; Nursing Education, Practice and Retention; Diversity in the Workplace; Advanced Practice (chair, 2010, 2014); Hearing Intervention Projects for Newborns
  • International Council on Women's Health Issues (elected secretary 1992 - Copenhagen; re- elected secretary 1998 - Egypt)

Selected Publications

  • Wilkerson, S.A. (2017).   (Dorothy) Johnson’s Behavioral System Model.  In J.J. Fitzpatrick
  • (Eds.), Encyclopedia for Nursing Research, 4th ed.  New York: Springer Co.
  • Wilkerson, S., Overbay, J., Richardson, C. (2007).
  • Pediatric Nursing: the Thinking Nurse  (board game), College of DuPage Press
  • Wall, B.M., Novak, J.C., & Wilkerson, S.A. (2005). Doctoral of nursing practice program development:  Reengineering health care.  Journal of Nursing Education, 396-403.
  • Wilkerson, S.A. (2011).   (Dorothy) Johnson’s Behavioral System Model.  In J.J. Fitzpatrick (Ed.), Encyclopedia for Nursing Research, 3rd ed.  New York: Springer Co.
  • Wilkerson, S.A. & Loveland-Cherry, C. (2004). Johnson’s Behavioral System Model. In J.J. Fitzpatrick & A.L. Whall (eds.), Conceptual Models of Nursing: Analysis and Application, 2nd ed.  Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson/ Prentice Hall.
  • Perry, D.F., Sherwood-Puzzello, C. M., Hadadian, A., & Wilkerson, S.A. (2002). Infant mental health training needs of service providers in early intervention programs. International Journal of Special Education , 17(2), 53-59.
  • Wilkerson, S., Perry, D.F., Sherwood-Puzzello, C.M., & Hadadian, A. (2001). Parents of infants and young children with special needs: What do they want to know? Exceptionality Education Canada , 11 (1), 25-38.
  • Sherwood-Puzzello, C.M., Perry, D.F., Wilkerson, S.A., & Hadadian, A. (2000). Infant mental health training needs of service providers in early intervention programs. Infant-Toddler Interventions: The Transdisciplinary Journal, 10(4), pp. 205-214.
  • Wilkerson, S. (1998) Freshman Scholar Program: An Introduction to Nursing Science. WISE Best Practices Guidebook.  CIC WISE Initiative, 25-28.
  • Gilman, L; Wilkerson, S.; Ruiz-Bueno, J.A (1997) Rubella status of university students. Issues in Current Pediatrics, 76-80.
  • Wilkerson, S., Quillin, S., & Feetham, S. (1994).  Contraceptive practices before conception and after the birth of a child with health problems. Health Care for Women International, 15 (1), 43-51.

Selected Research Grants

  • Co-PI (30% effort) Rural Advance Practice Nursing Education: BSN to NS-DNP. (B. Wall, PI). (Funded 2005-2008, DHHS, HRSA, $837000), 2005.
  • Co-PR (40% effort) with Carol Baird, DNS. “STEP UP: Students to Exemplary Professionals (CNA to RN)” (Funded 2004-2007, DHHS, HRSA, $364000), 2004-2007.
  • Co-PI (25% effort) (N. Edwards, B. Wall, S. Wilkerson) “Diversity Recruitment in Nursing Graduate Programs” (Funded, Purdue University, Graduate School, $10000), 2004.
  • Consultant (grant development and evaluation), Coping families, Lafayette Family Services, Inc. (Funded Indiana Dept. of Mental Health, Division of Addiction Services, $153,000), 1990-1991.
  • Principal Investigator, Nursing Case Management: An Alternative Approach to Care (75% effort) (Funded Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar Program, $57,000), 1987-1988.
  • Principal Investigator (75% effort) Competency Based Evaluation Process: Tool Validation (funded St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, $80,000), 1982-1986.
  • Core Project Participant for Instrument Development, New Frontiers in Patient Care Assessment (30% effort) Grant awarded to The Sisters of Mercy Health Corporation, Southwest Community Hospital and JCAH (Funded by Kellogg Foundation $250,000), 1984-1985.
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