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Jane Bolin, PhD, JD, BSN

Jane Bolin, PhD, JD, BSN

Associate Dean for Research

8447 Riverside Parkway
8447 Riverside Pkwy
Bryan, TX   77807-3260

Phone: 979-436-0137
Fax: 979-436-0098

Education and Training

PhD Health Services Research, The Pennsylvania State University- 2002

Doctor of Jurisprudence, Law, University of Oregon- 1982

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Oregon Health & Sciences University- 1978

Research Interests

  • Rural and Minority Disparities
  • Diabetes & Chronic Diseases
  • Cancer Screening, Training, Education, and Prevention


Recent Publication

  • Akinlotan, MA, Weston, C., Bolin, JN, (2018), Individual and county-level predictors of cervical cancer screening: a multi-level analysis, Public Health, Vol. 160, pgs 1 – 9.
  • Towne SD Jr, Bolin J, Ferdinand A, Nicklett EJ, Smith ML, Ory MG. (2017). Assessing Diabetes and Factors Associated with Foregoing Medical Care among Persons with Diabetes: Disparities Facing American Indian/Alaska Native, Black, Hispanic, Low Income, and Southern Adults in the U.S. (2011–2015). International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health. 2017, 14(5), 464; doi:10.3390/ijerph14050464  Available at:
  • Towne SD Jr, Callaghan TH, Cai Y, Smith ML, Ferdinand AO, Ory MG, Bolin JN. (2017). Regional, rural, and sociodemographic inequities in exposure to diabetes education and diabetes-related clinical preventative measures in the US (2011-2015). (Submitted August 2017: Health Services Research).
  • Towne SD Jr, Bolin J, Ferdinand A, Nicklett EJ, Smith ML, Callaghan TH, Ory MG. (2017). Diabetes and Forgone Medical Care due to Cost in the US (2011-2015): Individual-level & placed-based disparities. Policy Brief. Southwest Rural Health Research Center. Available at:
  • Kash, B., Bolin, J. Shaffer, M., Pop, E., Ogden, P.E. (2017), Exploring Future Models of Primary Care for Texas, Journal of Innovation Science, In Press.
  • Akinlotan MA, Bolin JN, Helduser JW, Ojinnaka C O, Lichorad A, McClellan DA. Cervical cancer screening barriers and risk factor knowledge among uninsured women. Journal of Community Health. Jan 20, 2017. DOI: 10.1007/s10900-017-0316-9. (Accepted 1-16-2017, available online).
  • McMaughan DK, Huber JC, Forjuoh SN, Vuong AM, Helduser J, Ory MG, Bolin JN. Physician recommendation of diabetes clinical protocols. Hospital Topics. 2016; 94(1):15-21. [PMID: 26980203]
  • Ojinnaka CO, Luo W, Ory MG, McMaughan D, Bolin JN. Disparities in Surgical Treatment of Early-Stage Breast Cancer Among Female Residents of Texas: The Role of Racial Residential Segregation. Clinical Breast Cancer. 2016 Oct 19.  [PMID: 27889438].
  • Ojinnaka CO, McClellan DA, Weston C, Pekarek K, Helduser JW, Bolin JN. Determinants of HPV vaccine awareness and healthcare providers’ discussion of HPV vaccine among females. Preventive Medicine Reports 5:257-262. (MS # PMEDR-16-168R1, accepted 1-24-2017, published)
  • Edwardson Nicholas, Bolin Jane N., McClellan David A., Nash Philip P., Helduser Janet W., The cost-effectiveness of training US primary care physicians to conduct colorectal cancer screening in family medicine residency programs, Preventive Medicine (2016), doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2016.02.007.
  • Bolin JN, Bellamy, GR, Ferdinand, AO, Vuong, AM, Kash, BA, Schulze, A, Helduser, JW (2015). Rural Healthy People 2020: New Decade, Same Challenges. Journal of Rural Health, 2015 Summer, 31 (3):326-33 doi: 10.1111/jrh 12116. Epub 2015 May 7. Available at:
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