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Curriculum Schedule

Students enrolled in this 12 hour academic certificate program will complete three core courses totaling eight lecture hours, then complete four additional hours from elective courses. All courses are online.

Required Core Courses

  • FORS 601: Foundations of Forensic Health Care (two lecture hours)
  • FORS 602: Victimology: Clinical Implications and Applications (three lecture hours)
  • FORS 603: Impact of Violence Across the Lifespan (three lecture hours)

Electives: Students choose combination totaling four credits

  • FORS 604: Advanced Trauma Assessments and Injury Pathology (two lecture hours)
  • FORS 610: Forensic Sexual Assault Examiner Course (three lecture hours)
  • FORS 611: Clinical Pharmacology: Implications for Victims (one lecture hour)
  • FORS 612: Human Trafficking (one lecture hour)
  • FORS 613: Forensic Photography (one lecture hour)
  • FORS 614: Forensic Healthcare Policy and Ethics (one lecture hour)
  • FORS 615: Forensic Mental Health (one lecture hour)
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