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Admissions Assessment Exam

The College of Nursing requires the Admissions Assessment (HESI A2) Exam for students applying for the Traditional and Second Degree BSN tracks. The exam results are used to determine readiness for admission to, and success in, nursing programs across the nation and are administered through Elsevier Evolve Reach testing services.

Exam Scheduling and Deadline

Applicants are allowed to test once per application cycle. Official scores must be received by the College of Nursing by the published application deadline and must be from a recent test date; within the previous 12 months of the application deadline.

Exam Registration

View the HESI Registration Instructions PDF and set up an Evolve account to register for the exam. You may test at any Prometrics testing site for Elsevier Evolve exams.

Complete the following five components plus critical thinking:

  • Math
  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary and general knowledge
  • Grammar
  • Anatomy and physiology

The cost of the exam is approximately $110.

Score Requirements

A minimum score of 75 percent is required for each of the component sections noted above. Applicants who do not achieve the minimum score in any one section will be denied based on test score deficiency.

There is one exception to this requirement for applicants who have not completed both A&P courses at the time of testing and do not achieve the 75 percent minimum score. These applicants may be allowed to move forward in the admissions process as long as they achieve a minimum cumulative score of 82. (Calculate this by averaging the five sections: math, anatomy and physiology, reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary). 

Note: The average cumulative score for most admitted students is 90 percent or greater.

Score Reporting

Scores MUST be sent from Elsevier directly to the HSC College of Nursing to be received no later than the posted deadline for each degree.

For those who register to take the exam through the link above using our Department ID, scores will be received electronically within 24 hours of the date of the exam. Those who opt to take the exam through another nursing school must plan ahead and take the exam at least two to three weeks before the  deadline in order to allow time for results to be sent from Elsevier to the college. These students must contact Elsevier directly at 800-950-2728 to request scores be sent to Texas A&M Health Science Center.

The preferred delivery method is electronic email from Elsevier to the College of Nursing Admissions Office. Please allow up to two weeks for these reports to be received by the college from Elsevier. Students may not submit paper copies of their score report.

Students Requesting Disability Accommodations

Students that require exam accommodations due to a disability-related need (such as extra time, reader, screen magnification, etc.) will need to submit their accommodation requests and supporting disability documentation directly to Elsevier for review.

In the Evolve Portal, click on “Student Access” for the HESI assessment.  Under the “Distance Testing” menu, select “Accommodation Request”.  Complete the “Request for Distance Testing Accommodation” form and then submit the completed form and supporting disability documentation through Elsevier’s accommodation request portal (called “HighTail”).

Do not schedule your testing appointment until you have received a response from the Elsevier Special Accommodations Team. Typically, a response to an accommodation request is given within six (6) weeks.

General questions about the HESI Admissions Assessment Exam scheduling should be directed to Prometric, the company that administers the HESI exam. Other exam questions should be directed to Elsevier.

Exam Study Guides

To purchase a study guide, call 1.800.545.2522 and request the Evolve Reach Testing and Remediation Admission Assessment Exam Review or go to Elsevier.

Further Questions?

For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions visit our Frequently Asked HESI Questions page.

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