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How To Apply

Application Requirements

Two Step Process

Step 1

  1. Associate Degree in nursing and active, unencumbered RN license (upload proof to NursingCAS)
  2. NursingCAS Application
  3. Official transcripts from all schools attended must be sent to NursingCAS using the NursingCAS Transcript Request Form (this includes Texas A&M University transcripts); request all transcripts early in the application cycle. Carefully review further instructions under the Official Transcripts heading below
  4. NursingCAS nonrefundable application fee 
  5. Prerequisite coursework must be completed by the first class day with a grade of “C” or higher; contact an adviser for any course questions; all courses are subject to approval by the College of Nursing when the student applies for admission 
  6. Essay/personal statement submitted through NursingCAS. Describe your understanding of the baccalaureate-prepared nurse's role in health care and how you see yourself embodying this role (600 words or less).
  7. One reference/evaluation required (follow NursingCAS instructions)
  8. Resume (upload in NursingCAS)

Once the NursingCAS application shows a complete status, the application will move to be verified. At that time, the College of Nursing will receive the application. The college will contact the applicant once all content meets requirements for review for a decision. Await this communication from the college and then follow Step 2.

  • Complete Status

    Complete status means the applicant has e-submitted, paid the application fee(s) and all transcripts have been processed and posted to the application. In complete status, the application is in line for verification.
  • Verified Status

    Verified status means an application is complete and NursingCAS analysts will review the applicant’s self-reported coursework and degree compare it line for line for accuracy with the official transcripts and calculate GPAs.

Step 2

  1. - Complete a transfer application to apply to Texas A&M University 
  2. ApplyTexas nonrefundable application fee
  3. Activate Texas A&M admissions portal (Applicant Information System-AIS) upon receipt of email instructions
  4. If admitted, you will be required to submit an official high school transcript to the Texas A&M Office of Admissions

NOTE: You do not need to resend transcripts or answer another essay as part of the ApplyTexas process. The AIS site will show that your application is incomplete since all Nursing applicants must send transcripts and answer the essay in NursingCAS; do not let this alarm you. The College of Nursing will notify you directly when your application is complete for all required credentials. For information regarding application evaluation, please see Admission Criteria.

Application Requirement Details

  • Application & Fee

    Complete a NursingCAS Application and pay nonrefundable $50 application fee. Fee waivers are not available. Apply as early as possible in the application cycle.

    For applicants completing prerequisite courses, once final grades in coursework are posted, even if the application has been submitted, re-enter the application and follow the NursingCAS instructions for re-entering the course with grade. Then, if admitted, the final transcript will be requested to verify grade(s) earned (these should go to Texas A&M University).

    The College of Nursing will notify applicants once their NursingCAS application is complete and moves to the next phase of the decision process. At that time, you will be asked to apply through ApplyTexas to Texas A&M University. Fee waivers may be requested by eligible students through Texas A&M Office of Admissions.

    Applicants may only apply and be considered for admission into one BSN program per application cycle. Should an applicant need to make any changes to the program applied to in Nursing CAS, contact the College of Nursing. Applicants should NOT submit multiple applications in Nursing CAS for the same application cycle. Second choice nursing majors on the Apply Texas application will not be considered. For other majors, applicants should contact the appropriate department to find out if their application will be considered as a second choice major.

  • Official Transcripts

    • Submit all official college transcripts from all schools previously attended to NursingCAS using the NursingCAS Transcript Request Form. The form is available in the Colleges Attended section of your application with a barcode in the upper left hand corner. Provide the appropriate form to the Registrar’s Office to each institution you have attended and ask that it be included when your transcript is sent to NursingCAS. Including this form allows NursingCAS to accurately attach the transcript to your application, as the unique barcode identifies the school and applicant information. See NursingCAS instructions for this step.
    • Coursework from one college posted on the transcript of another is not acceptable.
    • College transcript(s) for dual/college credit earned in high school must be submitted from the college/university where the credits were earned.
    • Include all transcripts, even if you only took one course at the institution. Failure to do so will make your application incomplete.
    • It is extremely important that transcripts are requested EARLY. We recommend these be requested even before you submit your application. Request as soon as application cycle opens after you have entered all information in the Colleges Attended section. The application can be completed in stages so complete this section early in order for transcripts to be requested. Transcripts received after the application deadline published on the college website will cause your file to be incomplete.
    • If admitted, you will be required to submit an official high school transcript to the Texas A&M Office of Admissions.
    • Check receipt of transcripts in your CAS application under Check Status. Once all transcripts are received, NursingCAS will move to the next step of verifying your coursework which can take up to 15 business days. Note: verification does not have to be complete by the application deadline.
  • Prerequisite Coursework

    Courses may be in progress during the application cycle, however, all courses must be completed by the first class day. See below for a list of required courses. All courses are subject to approval by the College of Nursing when the student applies for admission.

    In addition to the required prerequisites listed below, students receiving a bachelor's degree from Texas A&M University must satisfy the coursework requirements of the Texas A&M University Core Curriculum. All prerequisite coursework must be completed by the first class day with a minimum grade of "C".

    By the application deadline, applicants must have completed a minimum of 40 prerequisite course credit hours of the 59 hours required. Of those 40, twelve (12) credit hours must be from the following Nursing Science courses: Lifespan Psychology (3), Nutrition (3), Texas A&M Core Math (3 or 4), Chemistry (4), Anatomy & Physiology (8), and Microbiology (4).

    Students may repeat prerequisite courses, however, grades earned from both the first and the second attempts will be used to determine the final GPA. Any additional attempts will not be considered. If a grade of "C" is not earned within 2 attempts, the student will not be eligible for admission.

    Nursing Science courses are in italics.

    Subject Course Name Texas Common Course Number Semester Credit Hours TAMU Course
    Communications Composition, Technical Writing, Public Speaking Any two courses from core list 6 See TAMU Core Curriculum
    History 1 US History I or TX History HIST 1301 or 2301 3 HIST 105 or 226
    History 1 US History II or TX History HIST 1302 or 2301 3 HIST 106 or 226
    Government Federal Government GOVT 2305 3 POLS 206
    Government TX Government GOVT 2306 3 POLS 207
    Social and Behavioral Science General Psychology PSYC 2301 3 PSYC 107
    Creative Arts Art, Dance, Music, Drama, or Theater Any acceptable course from core list 3 See TAMU core curriculum
    Humanities 2 Intro to Ethics or Intro to Philosophy PHIL 2306 or 1301 3 PHIL 111 or 251
    Introductory Biology BIOL 1406
    4 BIOL 111
    Psychology Developmental Lifespan Psychology PSYC 2314 3 PSYC 307
    Statistics* Statistics MATH 1342 3 STAT 201
    Math3 See footnote below 
    3 See TAMU core curriculum
    Nutrition Nutrition BIOL 1322 3 NFSC 202, 203, or 222
    Anatomy & Physiology I
    BIOL 2401 4 BIOL 319 or VIBS 305
    Anatomy & Physiology II
    BIOL 2402 4 BIOL 320 or VTPP 423
    Science General/Introductory Chemistry I with lab CHEM 1405/1105 or 1411 4 CHEM 101 and 111 (CHEM 119 effective fall 2019)
    Microbiology BIOL 2420 or 2421 4 BIOL 206, 351, or VTPB 405

    *Statistics requirement effective for students entering summer 2020 term. An additional TAMU core Math course will be accepted in lieu of Statistics for Spring 2020 applicants. Six total hours of math are required.

    1 Two history courses are required, one of which may be dedicated to Texas history.

    2 Second Degree and RN-to-BSN applicants may meet requirement by taking any Humanities course that meets Texas A&M core.

    3 Students applying from Texas public institutions may take up to three hours of math which meet that institution's core curriculum requirements. Out-of-state or private university applicants must have three hours of math from the Texas A&M Core Curriculum.

    Proficiency in a foreign language is required to graduate from Texas A&M University. This requirement can be met by having completed two years of the same foreign language in high school, by completing two semesters of the same foreign language at the university level or by demonstrating proficiency in a foreign language by examination.

    For questions about what courses may or may not transfer from other institutions, see the Texas A&M University Transfer Course Equivalency Matrix. If a course is not listed in the matrix or is listed as "TRNS" (transfer by title), contact an adviser to identify the appropriate course of action to determine course transferability.

  • NursingCAS Coursework Entry

    • List every course with college credit in the NursingCAS application as they appear on each of your transcripts
    • Use a personal copy of your transcripts to enter all courses chronologically
    • List all planned or in progress coursework to be completed before the program start date
    • NursingCAS will verify your self-reported courses against your official transcripts once received
    • NursingCAS will return your application if corrections are needed. Failure to update corrections needed by the deadline date will constitute an incomplete application.
    • You can make updates to your coursework for grades earned after submitting the application but these cannot be made until your first submission has been verified. Once you receive final grades, log into your CAS application and enter these courses again as new courses along with the grade earned. Final grades earned through the summer term are required for spring entry; final grades through the previous fall term are required for summer/fall entry. Failure to update final grades will deem your application incomplete.
  • Degree & Licensure

    Applicants must have an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), or have an ADN conferred prior to the entry date. Those who completed the ADN through an LVN-to-RN or paramedic bridge program must have earned a minimum of 35 transferable credits in their program in order to apply; contact an adviser for more information.

    Applicants must hold a current, unencumbered RN license or must be licensed no later than the end of the first term in the program. New ADN graduates may apply and be admitted but must pass the NCLEX by the end of the first term. Upload proof of licensure in the NursingCAS application.

  • Articulation Agreements

    Articulation Agreements are made between the College of Nursing and community colleges to allow a seamless transition between associate's degree graduates and baccalaureate education. Articulation Agreements identify each school's required coursework so students take the appropriate necessary courses.

    Current Articulation Agreements with the College of Nursing:

    • South Texas College- contact Eva Magallan (; 956.668.6328)
    • Angelina College- contact Shelby Nerren (; 936.633.3923)

    Contact us to learn more about each school's specific Articulation Agreement course requirements.

Questions? Let's start here (with a helpful video).

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